"Doctor-musician, teacher-rocker. This generation has no stereotypes. Music is their life and nothing else"


- Include -

We are band from Kazan, Russia. Our music is something between Heavy Metal and Alternative Rock. We are trying to play sufficiently diversified music, using various elements from different rock genres in our compositions.


In our understanding music helps people to live even in the most difficult life situations. Of course, sometimes music just cheers up. Composition lyrics are reflection of everything that happens in our life and that surrounds us. First single "Betrayal" that was released in summer 2014, after rotation on the radio set the bar high enough that with each successive release, continues to rise. Our songs are written on English, because we want to share music with people from big amount of countries. In 2015 Acid Venom was a finalist for the Energy Rock Festival and won the award for "The Best Vocalist". In this moment we are on final phase of our first album recording, which release is planned on the second part of 2016.